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Rancho Guajome Adobe checked all the boxes today; there is lots of space to run around, its close by, its free, and its not crowded. The fact that it is a California Historical Landmark and on the National Registrar of Historic Places is a nice bonus. The 19th century adobe is currently closed, but the grounds and parking remain open. We weren’t planning on paying to see the historic home so soon anyway, since the last time we were there not all of us were able to understand that ropes mean off limits.

Today we walked a little more of the 158 acres of property. How great that this land is available to the public, because some members of the public have A LOT of energy.

One thought on “Rancho Guajome Adobe

  1. Denise says:

    We loved it there and were pretty good about staying behind the ropes! I want to return in the spring. I bet birds and butterflies love it there. Such a sweet image of A1’s gleefully running. I love her enthusiasm. Fun stuff.

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