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Havasu National Wildlife Refuge is comprised of 37,515 acres of protected land along the Colorado River, in both Arizona and California. It was established in 1941 by President Roosevelt as a migratory bird habitat. (You just have to love forward thinking presidents.) Havasu National Wildlife Refuge is now a birding hotspot. Over 300 species depend on this habitat. We weren’t here for the birds though. We came to find Gila monsters and wild burro. We ended up settling on a nimble jack rabbit but had fun looking, and simultaneously enjoyed the sunset. We were a little pressed for time, and didn’t feel like getting stuck in the sandy wash at night, so we took what we could get in the time that was allotted to us. This is definitely a place I would love to explore some more. Not only are there Gila monsters and wild burro, but there are also big horn sheep and desert tortoise. Yes please! There are so many amazing organisms that call this area home.

4 thoughts on “Havasu National Wildlife Refuge

  1. Denise says:

    All these photos are exceptional but my favorite is the mother & child image… award-winning. You are really doing some enriching activities. I want to hunt gila with you!!! So dang fun. I’m loving Havasu with you! We looked at booking into the campground at the State Park but it was sold out until May 2021 and I know better than to plan that far in advance (NOW).

    1. I love the picture of A1 and I sitting in the dirt too. It doesn’t take too much to make her happy. 🙂
      Bummer about the camping being full. I should check the cabins!

  2. temeculan says:

    More great photos and commentary. Glad you have captions on some photos now too. Do you still plan to do the kite?

    1. Today!! Hopefully. The boat was getting repaired but it is really to go!

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