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Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge is comprised of 6,000 acres which provides a habitat for 355 bird species, 34 reptile species, 40 butterflies species, 37 mammal species and 7 amphibians. The river is named after Bill Williams (1787-1849), a U.S. born master fur trapper, trail guide and speaker of multiple Native American languages. He served in the military as a Mississippi Mounted Ranger in the War of 1812. When he encountered unfamiliar Native American tribes he learned their languages and customs. He eventually married the daughter of an Osage chief. (Just a little interesting side note.)

The Bill Williams River empties into the Colorado River at Lake Havasu, about 20 miles south of Lake Havasu City. I am so glad this land is protected, and not covered with trailers and hotels. We spent hours here, on the two trails that connect to the visitor center; looking at birds, trying to find lizards, throwing rocks and cooling our feet in the water. It was the perfect way to spend any day, let alone a ditching work/ birthday celebration kind of day.

4 thoughts on “Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge

  1. Denise says:

    First off, A1’s shirt is just so dang perfect. I love that. All of this outing was amazing. From the spectacular clouds, to the diversity of the park, itself. I loved the birds, lizards, all of it. That picnic bench shot is precious. What a great choice of birthday locales. Truly magical. Thanks for sharing babe. I love all the “glee”.


    1. Thank you, Denise!
      I definitely wouldn’t recommend this place to an avid hiker (they would be disappointed with the lack of trail) but it was perfect for us, having all day to hop to the end of the line. 🙂
      I was sooooo hoping we would find a gila monster. But we are here for a while longer. You never know!


  2. Evelyn Yantis says:

    Spectacular blog today on your birthday!!! Great photos! The scenery is wonderful! The personal pics, are great as well – especially loved A’s video clip ‘step, step, hop’!!! So hilarious – brought a smile to my day for sure!! 👍👏. Keep them coming! ❤️Love, Evelyn


    1. Thanks, Evelyn! I am glad you enjoyed the pictures! And keeping them coming is no problem. 🙂
      Your grandchild is hilarious, hopping all around AZ.


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