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A1 can imitate crab. She laughs if you walk sideways like a crab. But she hasn’t see one in real life (not that I recall). Last weekend we went searching for crabs near the seals in the harbor but were not successful. I was dedicated to finding some crabs this weekend, so we went to Oceanside Harbor Beach, the longest beach in Oceanside, nestled between two jetties, thinking crabs would be a guarantee. We were there over an hour and our only crab sightings involved some damp sand and a crab mold before we finally spotted some crustaceans hiding out. That being said, while we were patiently waiting we saw lots of gulls and mollusks. We even had some sea anemones attach their venomous barbed nematocysts into our fingers. Cool.

Brief beach days are the best.

It is all fun.

The flat rate of $10 to park (for less than two hours) is a little yikes, but so was the idea of getting back into the car and finding an alternative. $10 is the price of convenience.
It isn’t like me to drive somewhere so close, but we had a short window before nap time that had beach written all over it.

One thought on “Harbor Beach, Oceanside

  1. Denise says:

    When we were kids, we would hang out at the jetty rocks, with crab bait. We would tie hamburger to strings, dangle it in front of the hiding spots, and when the crabs grabbed, we delighted. I am pretty sure it was a catch & release situation. There is something uniquely intriguing about crabs. Way fun that A1 is so into it all. Nature is truly a gift and one that can’t be hampered by politics or COVID. You live in the ideal place. Thank you for sharing it.

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