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Rancho Guajome Adobe County Park, a National Historic Landmark, is an 1850’s adobe hacienda situated in Oceanside, CA. The 2,219 acre parcel was a wedding gift for Ysidora Bandini, when she wed Cave Couts. (Yes, his real name was Cave.) Together Ysidora and Cave built a 22 room adobe house, a chapel, a carriage house, a blacksmith shop and horse stables. Within the carriage house is the second oldest pepper tree in California. (The oldest pepper tree is at the Oceanside mission.) The visit to the property, the museum and the church is free but going through the carriage house, the patio, and the adobe costs $3 per person. Well worth it to see how the better half lived in the 1800s. It was quite the life of luxury.

The property is now a fraction of the original grant size (112 acres) but there is plenty to explore. And lots of elbow room. When we were there on Saturday morning we were the only visitors, besides our praying mantis friend.

2 thoughts on “Rancho Guajome Adobe

  1. Denise says:

    I loved this place when we were there. The history nestled within is extensive. There is so much here to learn about early California and the connectiveness of it all in the 1800s. WOW.. The photos you captured are beautiful. I think one of the silver linings of COVID is the fact that we are forced to stay local and explore what is right under our noses. Thanks for leading the way.

    1. Thank you for telling me about this place!
      It is amazing how much there is to do around here. 🙂

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