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Elvis Presley loved Palm Springs. He and his wife honeymooned in Palm Springs after eloping to Las Vegas (picture one). The house that they honeymooned and lived in for a year was known as the “House of Tomorrow”, with all of its modern amenities including a floating fireplace. The round master bedroom also floated over the entrance to the house, producing spectacular views. This house is mid-century modern gold. Tours are available only during Modernism Week. Today, in this Palm Springs 115+ degree heat, we were focused on a driving tour, heading next to the house were Elvis lived pre and post divorce for about three months out of the year (picture two). The house appears much less glamorous but it was originally designed by Albert Frey so I am sure there are beautiful details to note from the interior. The house sits on an almost two acre lot so offers more privacy than a bedroom that is on display from the street.

The two Elvis Presley homes are just two miles from each other. There are a lot of mid-century modern architectural gems in between, and so our hot driving tour continues. Driving through these neighborhoods paints an image as to what it looked like for Elvis and so many movie stars that came to stay and play in Palm Springs (aka “Hollywood’s Playground”).

If we ever hit it big in the lotto, you will know where to find us.

2 thoughts on “Elvis Presley, Palm Springs

  1. Denise says:

    You’re in my wheelhouse with this post. I participate in Modernism Week in October and February. It is a premiere event that lets the public into the homes we looky-loos normally can only ogle from the curb. You guys did a very fun driving tour. I’m enamored with the doors of Palm Springs. Fun stuff.

    1. I really hope to take part in Modernism Week at some point.

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