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Travels north, east, south, and west of our Oceanside home base.

Just a minute past our campsite at the end of Contact Flat is the trail marker for the Alabama Hills trailhead. This trail has several branching off points but we stuck to the right, veering around the hill we were camped on. We ended up directly on the other side of it and so instead of walking back around on the trail, we decided to climb right up over it. Our four year old is a natural scrambler and a great listener as she ascended a total of 800-1,000 feet of elevation gain. Before we knew it we were headed down the other side of the hill to our campsite for the next few days, super proud of our accomplishments. The great outdoors is where the best learning takes place.

8 thoughts on “Alabama Hills Trail

  1. Denise says:

    Your mini you is one incredible hiker. Wowsers. I don’t know if I could scramble that mountain! We’ll done you all. Fabulous photos yet again.

    1. It was pretty impressive. She did everything asked of her, with no complaints. And when we got to the top she said, “I feel like a bigger girl now.” I don’t think it gets more amazing than that.

  2. PHILIP says:

    I agree that “The great outdoors is where the best learning takes place”. I tried to instill a love of the outdoors in my children just as my parents had in my brother and me. It looks like I may have succeeded.

  3. tagpipspearl says:

    Incredible rock formations! It looks like some of the trail isn’t well delineated though. Did you have difficulty keeping on the trails?

    1. The trails are very well marked. We just ended up (on purpose) being off trail. So we could scramble up the rock mountain, for some fun.
      If you end up visiting here there are lots of hotel options in Lone Pine (just 15 minutes away). There is also an incredible Museum of Western Film History in Lone Pine.

      1. tagpipspearl says:


  4. Kimberly Chung says:

    I love seeing your outdoor adventures. Go A+ for her resilience!

    1. Thank you! Super resilient. ✌️

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