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St. Michael’s By-the-Sea is the oldest church in Carlsbad, and one of the four oldest buildings in Carlsbad Village. The 1894 historic chapel now resides adjacent to a larger, newer chapel, both of which hold regular church services. Once a year St. Michael’s By-the-Sea hosts the Carlsbad Music Festival, an artist-led, grass-roots non-profit that features musicians from all over the world (including local) to showcase their “adventurous music by the beach”. Although the event is secular, St. Michael’s rector is on the board and takes part in the festivities. Carlsbad Music Festival attracts a crowd of eclectic individuals, united by eclectic music.

4 thoughts on “St. Michael’s By-the-Sea Episcopal Church, Carlsbad

  1. Denise says:

    What’s also cool about this church (new one) is who the architect is! Albert Frey, one of our favorites from Palm Springs (tram station, etc), created this mid -century masterpiece. Something for everyone.

    1. Love that factoid. Thanks!

  2. tagpipspearl says:

    That looks so fun! And the building is gorgeous.

    1. It was fun but now all talk is festival talk. When we got up this morning, “what time are we going to the festival?” When we were eating quiche, “this is like a carrot festival!” Haha.

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