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The Myrtles is a 1796 National Historic Registrar plantation home, an hour south of Natchez, Mississippi. According to, what used to be a reputable source, National Geographic, it is also one of America’s most haunted homes. The numerous people murdered here are known to still roam the property and home, a woman’s profile can be seen trying to claw her way out of the oldest mirror in the house. Or so the legend goes. It’s also a bed and breakfast so you can relax while ghost hunting, if you dare.

In addition to the informative tour, behind the bocce ball courts, we found the tiniest frogs I have ever seen. So focused on ghosts, National Geographic must have missed these.

2 thoughts on “The Myrtles Plantation, LA

  1. Denise says:

    So dramatic in Black & White. What history! Darling frogs and A1, too.

    1. The frogs were amazing!

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