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Vermilionville is a living history museum in Lafayette aimed to “increase appreciation for the history, culture, and natural resources of the Native Americans, Acadians, Creoles, and peoples of African descent in the Attakapas region through the end of the 1800s.”

The docents are the real deal. The quilter has been working here for nine years, spending her own money on supplies, allowed to do what she pleases with her finished products. Each quilt taking about a half year to complete. In the Native American house, visitors are greeted with Chief John Sitting Bear Mayeux. He oversaw the people of Avogel for 35 years. Avogel is one of the oldest tribes in Louisiana. In the oldest house at Vermilionville (1790), the creole accordion player recommended that we eat at their onsite restaurant. He was speaking my language when he highly recommended the bread pudding. We were not disappointed with the crawfish etouffee nor the gumbo.

We love the south.

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