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History runs deep in the town of Yuma (known as Arizona City until 1873). For us, it is the half way point between Oceanside, CA and Cave Creek, AZ, and a favorite place to stretch our legs and get a meal. For Spanish soldiers and explorers, it was a stopping point after heading up the Colorado River from the Sea of Cortez in 1540. Events on Yuma’s timeline started to amplify with the Gold Rush, the construction of the Yuma Territorial Prison, and new railroad lines connecting Arizona with California. Underneath the thick layer of glamorous art deco on Main Street exists signs of Yuma’s rougher times, a few of the ten saloons that existed on Main Street in the early 1900s are still standing. Deservedly, the entire Main Street of Yuma is listed on the National Registrar of Historic Places.

2 thoughts on “Main Street Yuma, AZ

  1. Denise says:

    Wild. We went to the prison and skipped the town completely. When traveling, it was the first town with a Cracker Barrel so it was a must stop for us. Now, after reading this post, I have to go back and explore more thoroughly. Cool post!

    1. Eric WISHES we stopped at Cracker Barrel!

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