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There is excitement in the salty, Oceanside air at the 14th annual Nissan Super Girl Surf Pro this weekend. Spectators of all kinds snagged a spot on the pier, sand, play equipment, and the Strand to watch a global line up of the best female surfers on the planet. This is the largest female surf event in the world, and it occurs right in our own backyard. The stakes are high to become the next Super Girl, as women showcase their incredible talents in waters typically filled with men. Gold metal surf Olympian, Carissa Moore, Hawaiian Bethany Hamilton, and a local celebrity, pro-surfer Malia Ward, are just a few vying for the spot. Whoever the declared winner, all the athletes are winners, creating new generations of future surfer girls.

2 thoughts on “Nissan Super Girl Surf Pro

  1. Denise says:

    What an idyllic SoCal morning! So much fun and all for free!!! The best kind of entertainment. Great suggestion. We are so glad it worked out so perfectly ♥️

    1. It sure did! We will see you when you get back from Tahoe!

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