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The California Surf Museum in downtown Oceanside has been preserving surfing heritage for over three decades. Their exhibits are changed every six to eight months, so there is plenty new to learn about. The last time we were at the surf museum the majority of the floor space was dedicated to an exhibit on surfing during Vietnam. Some of their current exhibits highlight the history of the boogie board, the science of waves, and the timeline of surfboards. The Bethany Hamilton exhibit is going strong, inspiring people daily.

The museum is small but so is the price of a ticket. It’s always a fascinating educational experience that chronicles our local culture.

After learning about the yellow buoys operated by NOAA and Scripps we walked to end of the pier to look for the one located two miles away. Although we couldn’t see it, we did spot a pod of about twenty dolphins swimming not too far away.

2 thoughts on “California Surf Museum, Oceanside

  1. Denise says:

    I love that little museum, too. Thank you for the postcard from it. I am always intrigued by whatever exhibit is on display. AND very cool about the dolphins. Close to home is full of treasures. Thanks for sharing them.

    1. Of course! We have so much fun exploring close to home.

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