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As we drove from Fort Klamath to Hood River I made a hilarious comment to Eric that if it is windy in Hood River we should stop to see the kite surfers on our way to the hotel. It’s funny because it’s ALWAYS windy in Hood River (also known as the kite surfing capital of the world). Everything acts as a kite in Hood River; dresses, earrings, grocery bags, cars, sand… all attempts to take flight. This is especially true over the summer months as the hot desert air to the east gets blasted with the cool, dense air from the coast. The bigger the temperature difference, the more extreme the wind. And it’s been hot.

Port Marina Park, located at a sand bar where Hood River meets the Columbia River, is as good of place as any to see a barrage of wind and kite surfers. From newbies to old pros to spectators, Hood River is the place to be for any wind related sport.

4 thoughts on “Port Marina Park, Hood River

  1. Evelyn Redfield says:

    That east wind was horrible in winter! As a kid mom would shove towels all around the edges of the front door to try to keep the wind out of our old house on our horse ranch. It would blow straight down the 1/4 mile road right into the front of our house….brrrrr….

    1. How interesting!

  2. Denise says:

    That is beyond cool. I love A1’s dress as a kite. I’m surprised she didn’t get airborne. Fun stuff!

    1. We need an actual kite! It’s on the list!

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