Four Points Bulletin

Travels north, east, south, and west of our Oceanside home base.

Our plan with this maiden camping voyage was to make it easy. We didn’t make a fire. We didn’t even make any food (everything was a prepackaged from Trader Joes). The only thing we heated was water on the jetboil for coffee, which was cowboy style (some coffee grounds included).

After packing up in the morning we headed to Wilson Trail, just a few miles up the road. Wilson Trail is a ten mile lightly used out and back which closely parallels the Pacific Crest Trail. The morning was heating up quickly so we only hiked a small portion of the trail. It was a brief explore but we saw a beautiful bouquet of wild desert flowers with our wildflower, so it was a nice introduction to what may await further down the trail.

2 thoughts on “Wilson Trail, Anza Borrego State Park

  1. Denise says:

    I so love Anza Borrego. It is really a magical place and so close to home. I can’t believe all the flowers you saw (with your little flower) who, by the way, looks pretty tired in the ‘hip’ shot. What memories you are making for her. Wow! Thanks for giving me the desert vicariously. I love it all.

    1. She wasn’t tired. She was mad. She doesn’t like taking pictures. It’s tricky to get her to appear happy when our phones come out.

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