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I have been dying to go to the Calico cemetery to read the gravestones but it was closed today. Instead, we parked in the bottom lot and walked up to town. Calico is one of just a few remaining original mining towns in the west. It is also the exact half way point between Las Vegas and Oceanside, so it makes for an ideal pit stop for us. One thing I like about Calico is you always notice something you didn’t see before so it is still interesting, even though we have stopped here a few times over the past year.

I would have loved to witness it in 1881, when the town brought in over 130 million dollars in mining revenue. That is equivalent to 2.5 billion today. With that kind of money I am surprised that the person offering “full scrubs” in the bath tub wasn’t charging more.

2 thoughts on “Calico, CA

  1. Denise Haerr says:

    You see so much more than we do, but maybe that’s because you’ve been there more. I am so surprised the cemetery was closed. We skipped it when we were there, just because of time restraints and HUGE winds (something common that must have been horrific to live through). Fun to see your take on this true historical treasure.

    1. It was windy when we were there too! It must have been brutal a century ago!
      It looks like we both have the cemetery to look forward to!

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