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Leo Carrillo Ranch is 27 acres of LC-branded walkways, artistic homes, and ranch structures. The walking paths are wide and lined with gigantic agave and overgrown cacti. Sixty years ago it was still a 1,700 first ranch/second home of Leo Carrillo, the actor and conservationist. The fact that any of this land remains is a tribute to his own conservation efforts (helping to acquire Hearst Castle, the Los Angeles Arboretum and Anza Borrego State Park). Leo Carrillo had a vision. Most likely his vision didn’t include a pamphlet, in English and in Spanish, with a self-guided walking tour of his property, which is simply too good to put down. But his vision did include Carlsbad land that people from all over would want to come visit, so he wasn’t too far off.

2 thoughts on “Leo Carrillo Ranch

  1. Denise says:

    I love A1 reading the map. What a little navigator!!! I love Leo’s place. We plan to go in the spring for the baby peacocks and the blooming succulents. What fun. I love that you discover something new every time you go. That signature in the concrete from 1939… wow. Gorgeous SoCal day.

    1. Finding the peacocks is always fun. In Spanish, the word for peacocks is pavos reales (royal turkeys). They are fancy!

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